Interview about the great goal of Israel Castro against the United States

Interview about the great goal of Israel Castro against the United States

August 12, 2009. After four matches of the Six-Party Final towards the World Cup Finals in South Africa,

Mexico national team
He only got one win. added Three points out of 12 possible A World Cup ticket seemed out of reach.

Azteca Stadium was full. There was no room for spirit on the field to witness the second game against the United States, which is vital to the aspirations of the team he leads. Javier Aguirre.

Minute 8′. Charlie Davis goal. The statue of Santa Ursula enters into deathly silence. The World Cup is moving away. However, after 10 minutes the midfielder Israel Castro He takes the ball in three-quarters of the field from a pass from Cuthimoc Blanco. He turns to see the goalkeeper and a beam passes over the goal line after hitting the crossbar. That would be the first two goals he would confer Beating the national team 2-1.

Without a doubt, this is one of the most important. (Moments of my career), Castro said Aztec Sports. “We were practically outside the World Cup, we needed to win, (Javier) Aguirre arrived, we lost a few games, then we went home and won, and that put us back in the fight, with the stadium exploded, so the fact was very important.”

How will the Azteca Stadium affect the match?

Israel Castro (Mexico, 1980), traditional midfielder, A great retriever and a gentleman with a great touch, ensures that the Azteca Stadium has a charm that grows footballers. However, not only local team members.

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“You motivated me. I really loved playing at the Azteca Stadium, it’s impressive. But as a competitor when I played against America I was still motivated and it wasn’t my business. There is obviously tension and anxiety, but it all turns into motivation,” the former Cruz Azul and Pumas player details.

I have never seen the United States dwindle, they have always tried to attack with their way of playing, I have never seen them in fear

The Colossus of Santa Úrsula, one of the cathedrals of world football, has always been one of the Aztec team’s best motivational tools. However, Castro sees it as a double-edged sword because he doesn’t remember that the Tlalpan property cut back on competitors.

“In Azteca I felt that atmosphere, that drive to win and love and move on, but no, I’ve never seen America dwindleThey always tried to attack with their own way of playing, and I didn’t see them with fear,” narrates the person who was one of the captains of the team.

They have a commitment to themselves

Israel asks Castro, who recently hung his shoes after passing through the Toledo club in Spain, who are students

Gerardo Martino
which will play on Thursday against the United States an important part of their password for World Cup QatarThey have a duty to show that they are superior.

“Mexico players, by playing on their land, have a commitment to themselves, to the football they develop, and to the environment. This motivation can be in favor if directed wellHopefully it will be a great match for Mexico.”

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