WWE Superstars by chance: Logan Paul, Johnny Knoxville, Bad Bunny

WWE Superstars by chance: Logan Paul, Johnny Knoxville, Bad Bunny

Logan Paul and Bad Bunny They’ve been recently flirting with being WWE Superstars and have appeared at some of the company’s recent events. With WrestleMania 38 Around the corner and how many eyes each could attract to the product, we can only ask ourselves, is WWE right to remove space from real fighters for celebrity status outside of this entertainment sport?

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For 37 years now, WrestleMania She has always had characters who are out of this “world”. WrestleMania is back, for example with Cyndi Lauper, Mr. T.O. or Muhammad Ali, For example, but not limited. Since then, like athletes Mike Tyson or Floyd Mayweather Even actors and actresses are of stature Burt Reynolds, Pamela Anderson, or Arnold Schwarzenegger. They have all shown an interest in this recreational sport but to tell the truth, they have not contributed much (except for a few small things from Tyson).

as he told us Damian Priest In our exclusive interview with him at MARCA a couple of weeks ago: “People outside of wrestling consider it a comfort thing, to promote what they have to promote and they leave,” although it is true, bad bunny It seems to have opened a new path for all characters outside of WWE to be appreciated by fans and superstars and to be seen from another perspective. In addition, the singer has achieved it in record time since debuting last year on these dates, in WrestleMania 37to appear again last January at the Royal Rumble, already as confirmed by the WWE Superstar by the company itself on its website.

But perhaps this is a ray in the water, as everyone pays tribute to the service and dedication of the great musician, who has been in Florida for several months to prepare for his match at WrestleMania 37 and to train with several stars. The respect he’s earned in the locker room recently made Undertaker open a concert on his latest tour, one that seems to keep him from being at this year’s WrestleMania.

But jealousy is very volatile and in the absence of it bad bunnyWWE wanted to use two more characters from outside professional wrestling as an actor from “Jackas” Johnny Knoxville (who also participated in the Royal Rumble) and actor, semi-professional boxer and now successful YouTuber, Logan Paul.

From the big screen to the biggest stage ever: WrestleMania

With nearly 23 and a half million followers on YouTube, it’s hard to believe that WWE won’t earn some of them for their cause. Logan Paul will be at WrestleMania 38 along with The Miz (who also helped Bad Bunny as a competitor in his debut last year) taking on Rey Mysterio and his son Dominik at one of the great attractions on Saturday night, April 2nd. While the preparation for the event, as far as the story itself is concerned, has been quite thin, things seem to be speeding up with Paul’s latest statement to TMZ in which he boasts that he’s much better than Bad Bunny and doesn’t need much preparation:

“It’s interesting that people like Bad Bunny also put in a great show in the ring like the last WrestleMania; he was amazing, right? Everyone compares me to Bad Bunny, but he’s been training for a long time… I respect him a lot, but I don’t need to train as long. That, my religion is natural and I want to raise the level, that is my motivation.”

It remains to be seen how Logan Paul’s involvement with the company will be after WrestleMania, although to us it looks like it will be less than Bad Bunny’s.

On the other hand, we find another character of those characters, who is better known in the United States than Spain, but who also has her fans here and is the most famous character in the famous saga “Jackass” that set our country on fire through MTV in the nineties. This is Johnny Knoxville. They are now back with a new movie project called ‘Jackass Forever’ and without a doubt this was the publicity stunt Damien Priest was talking about. But in this case, the story is much better than Logan Paul’s. Sami Zayn will be Knoxville’s opponent in the Anything Goes Match.

The story that brought us here is well constructed and edited. Since Knoville appeared on the WWE TV show with the sole aim of spoiling Sammy’s intercontinental reign, he hasn’t matched until he achieves it. Johnny makes Zayn’s life miserable. Already without an Intercontinental Championship in his possession, Sami Zayn saw how Knoxville’s next blow to him was hanging up his phone number on a plane that passed over Los Angeles one afternoon, causing Sami to instantly receive thousands upon thousands of calls, texts and Whatsapps. And all kinds of video calls at any time of the day or night.

For his part, the only thing Sami Zayn achieved was eliminating Knoxville from the Royal Rumble and when he was on his way to celebrate by spoiling the red carpet for the Johnny premiere and his character, security was poor. expel him from himself.

Yes, many people will be familiar with both fights at WrestleMania, but to what extent does this type of fight improve professional wrestling, how does it benefit it and above all, where is the entertainment sport headed? Are you doing the right thing?

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