Interview “Collective” director Alexander Nanau – Contestants – Deadline


Roman director Alexander Nanao Join the deadline International Competitors Awards ceremony for talking about his documentary hot collective, One of the most prestigious films of the year being awarded the European Documentary Film Award. It is also Romania’s official entry into the Oscar race for international feature films, as well as being a strong contender in the feature-length documentary competition as well.

Movie from Magnolia Pictures And the participant It is a powerful piece of material, focusing on journalists investigating the Romanian healthcare system who, in the aftermath of a tragic nightclub fire, reveals harrowing facts about it.

Nanao gets an awesome collaboration for his investigation document, and that might be because the timing was just right in the country. “I think we benefited from the short time we spent in Romania, where we felt we had to reclaim our society from the populist and corrupt politicians,” he says. “I think it’s unbelievable that whistleblowers, journalists and the Minister of Health have the courage to let us face their work and their lives.” He adds that global events, including Brexit and the election of Trump, have made this a good fit for the rest of the world, not just his country.

“When we started in 2016, there was a need to tell this story, but it was a very Roman story, but as we were filming we realized, starting with Brexit, that what we were photographing was what the world was about to be shaped into,” says Nanau. . “Every day we realized more and more how the world looked like what we were photographing.”

Nanao says he’s a supporter of “watch-based filmmaking,” preferring to let events unfold as soon as you turn on the camera, rather than planning too much in advance. In doing so, he discovered that the whistleblowers he found along the way were all women. He thinks there is a reason for this.

“Women are braver. Women care more. In the case of Roman society, it is a fact that since the fall of communism women are developing faster. They are smarter,” he says, noting also that this is true of what is currently happening in the fight against the epidemic. And we can see around the world that women-led countries have dealt with the coronavirus much better.

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