Intricate Search for an Alternative to Cody Laurendi | Sports

Intricate Search for an Alternative to Cody Laurendi |  Sports

The task of filling Cody Lorindi’s space in Puerto Rico will be somewhat complicated.

Not necessarily due to a lack of talent, but due to the absence of experienced Puerto Rican goalkeepers who could wear the national jersey as early as June, when Puerto Rico plays two additional CONCACAF World Cup 2022 qualifying rounds.

Lorindi announced his retirement on Monday after playing as a starter in Puerto Rico’s 1-1 draw against Trinidad and Tobago, immediately leaving a large void after eight official matches with Puerto Rico 11.

“Today we do not have a substitute of the same quality. Cody is vital to us. It leaves us a tremendous void not only as a goalkeeper, but also as a captain and a human being,” said General Manager of Puerto Rico Football Association (FPF) Choices, Andres Mirabelli, of speaker.

Puerto Rico will have to immediately recruit an experienced goalkeeper with Puerto Rican roots to face Lorindi’s delicate loss.

There is nothing on the FPF radar at the moment.

“The truth is, we don’t have anything. We have to find a goalkeeper with Puerto Rican roots. It’s not the same as Cody, who was playing in teams in Puerto Rico and met the residency requirement to be a goalkeeper for the national team. The list has really changed, which makes it difficult.” We have to nationalize a player in this way.

Hurricane Azul has already spurred young goalkeepers Joel Serrano, Angel Molinari and Johan Rodriguez to work on changing generations in the long term.

However, an experienced goalkeeper must be found immediately.

“We will have to work a lot with the next players. We already have three very good things. The only thing they lack is time and experience. The former Argentine explained that the goal of the goalkeeper is to have a lot of talent, but it is a difficult situation in which you have to have a lot of experience.” .

Lorindi announced that she would act as an agent for the soccer players.

The 32-year-old was called up for the first time to the Puerto Rican national team in September 2016. He made his international debut during the match between Puerto Rico and Indonesia in June 2017.

He developed his career between the United States and Belgium.

For its part, Puerto Rico fell 1-0 at the start of the qualifying rounds against St. Kitts and Nevis on Wednesday, March 24th. Then, at 28, they tied 1-1 with Trinidad and Tobago.

Hurricane Blue will face the Bahamas on June 2, followed by the match against Guyana scheduled for June 8.

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