With these surprises in the call, the women’s team will face Spain and Slovakia

Ladies Choice directed by Monica Vergara (Photo: Twitter / miseleccionmx)

Triple Women’s Strategy Expert, Monica Vergara has announced the list of players who will face Spain and Slovakia in the next round of Europe.

Among those summoned, the last striker TijuanaRenee Cuellar who He has seven goals in Liga MX Femenil And that wasn’t even thought of on the last call, when the national team played two matches against Costa Rica. Cuellar could replace Tigres Fiminil’s top scorer Katie Martinez, who is knocked out due to injury.

The roster consists of a total of 21 players And Tigres is the Liga MX team with the most players, with five players. The midfielders are protected by: Diana Garcia, Rebecca Bernal, Nicole Perez de Reyadas, Daniela Espinosa and Monserrate Hernandez from America, along with Nancy Antonio, Belén Cruz and Maria Sanchez.

Chivas goal scorer Alicia Cervantes maintains her good performance and will be part of the striker with Alison Gonzalez, Who won the NxGn Award as the 3rd best soccer player in the world in the Under-19 category, And Stephanie Mayor.

The women's trio beat Costa Rica on their return to Azteca (Photo: Twitter @ miseleccionmx)
The women’s trio beat Costa Rica on their return to Azteca (Photo: Twitter @ miseleccionmx)

In defense: Jocelyn O’Rigl with partner Janelle Farias, of the Azulcreama Fund. Jimena Lopez, Reina Reyes, Kimberly Rodriguez and Bianca Sierra are under leadership Kenti Robles, from Real Madrid.

The goal will be defended by Cecilia Santiago from PSV Eindhoven and Emily Alvarado from the United States.

One of the biggest absences is Atlético de Madrid player, Charlene Corral. The Mexican has been out of calls since 2019, When Liu Coyar worked as the team’s strategic expert. The reason for this was due to the differences that existed between him and the technician, mainly due to the veto that he received after the statements as he considered appropriate changes in Mexican women’s national team.

It was in 2015, before I went to Spain, when we lost to France. We finished the World Cup and the truth is I said that changes are necessary, pointing to many changes and not just the coach (Leo Coyard). There was also a need to support the women’s team, and follow-up with the players, They treat us like professionals, and improve the daily allowance so that this grows. It is clear that “teacher” Coyar took the matter the wrong way. Then he vetoed me and I didn’t go to the American Games.The player pointed out.

Charlene Correa, on display as the new Athletic striker (Photo: CharlynCorral)
Charlene Correa, on display as the new Athletic striker (Photo: CharlynCorral)

however, During her presentation as a strategist for the Three Colors team, Monica Vergara confirmed that the Atletico Madrid player has a chance to make an appearance again. “The doors are open to all players. The important part is that we are working with an important goal and clarity. The players who are already entering the lists, because they are going to win it and because they know what they have to do represent the best country in the world.”

On the other hand, Charlene L. Excluded Which – which He loves to wear Tri Femenil colors again but the priority now is to recover from the severe injury he suffered a few months ago: “Returning to the national team would be great, but I have other goals and I want to return to the stadium first,” he said.

Charlyn Corral, Debut With Female trio With only 13 years old, in a match against him Barcelona. The occasion became even more special because Maribel Dominguez, who was at that time consecrated as Mexico’s best player, gave him soccer shoes. Years later, he attended the World Cup in Germany 2011, However, he played only 30 minutes.

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