Investments in energy and hydrocarbons, Royon’s agenda in the United States

Investments in energy and hydrocarbons, Royon’s agenda in the United States

The Minister of Energy, Flavia Ruyon, during her visit to the United States, as a member of the delegation accompanying the Minister of Economy Sergio Massa, participated in a series of business meetings with the aim of promoting investments in hydrocarbons in our country.

“Vaca Muerta is integrated as a world-class asset and a historic opportunity for Argentina,” said Royon. In this sense, the Secretary, with Minister Sergio Massa and YPF President, Pablo Gonzalez, met with Clay Neve, President of Exploration and Production at Chevron. In the meeting, they analyzed the investment plan planned by the Argentine Oil Company for the period 2223-2025.

“Chevron’s contribution is essential to continue developing all of Argentina’s unconventional potential, which is why we celebrate the $650 million they will invest this year,” Royon said. In addition, the company estimates to add another $2 billion in the coming years to its plan to explore for Argentine deposits.

Then, national authorities toured the Chevron Global Operations Monitoring Center, where they remotely reviewed the activity of the fields the company operates with YPF in Vaca Muerta.

In addition to Massa and Gonzalez, Royon led the formation of a working group to promote Vaca Muerta in collaboration with the Chamber of Private Oil Operations Companies (CEOPE), an organization of 31 key companies in the hydrocarbon value chain. President Thomas Hess was at the head of his delegation.

“Through the working table that has been formed, Argentina is strengthening the position of Vaca Muerta on the international stage, and we aim to increase the added value and the participation of more actors in the entire production chain,” the official explained in this regard.

Another highlight of the tour was the meeting that Minister and Minister Massa had with the US Under Secretary of State for Economics and Energy, Jose Fernandez.

The authorities analyzed the international energy jigsaw and agreed to advance the bilateral agenda between the two countries, particularly those focused on the sector.

At the beginning of her US tour, the Minister also met with the authorities of Rio Tinto, along with the Minister of Mining, Fernanda Avila, and spoke with Del Renegar (Vice President of Governmental Affairs) and Guillermo Calo (Executive Director) about the investment project that the company is implementing in the Salta province Which aims to reach 50 thousand tons of annual production.

In turn, the agenda included a business meeting at the American Chamber of Commerce with representatives of North American companies that have energy and mining investments in Argentina.

“It was a very stimulating activity, because it allowed us to lay the foundations for building a common agenda, with the aim of enhancing the contribution of capital and technology from these companies, which will provide more opportunities for the growth of productive enterprises in our country “concluded the Minister.

Besides Royon and Minister Massa, were present: Senior Vice President of Global Operations, Bernard da Santos; Senior Vice President, Commercial and Strategic Affairs, Ricardo Vallo; Vice President of Strategy and Investments Francisco Morandi; Armenio Borgas, Legal Vice President; Among other things.

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