Invisible WhatsApp messages, what are they and how do they work

Invisible WhatsApp messages, what are they and how do they work

In the popular messaging app there are all kinds of content that can be shared, from stickers to videos, but it is also possible to send anything. Here we explain what files invisible messages by WhatsApp And what is its function.

What are invisible WhatsApp messages?

The Invisible WhatsApp messages They are those who do not have any kind of visual content. Both the user sending it, as well as the user receiving it, will see no more than an empty text box.

These messages have no specific purpose; However, it can be adapted to different needs such as:

  • Play a prank with someone else
  • Another user mentioned The WhatsApp You have to reply to a message
  • Avoid giving out some information that the source does not want to disclose.

How do you send these messages?

The invisible message function is not a part of the messaging network so an external app must be used to send this type of message.

One of the options is an app called “blank messages”Available on the Play Store or the App Store.

In the app, you will be able to choose how long you want your message to appear in the “Number of Repetitions” option. Here I will show you from 1 to 10 thousand.

Then you have to put the send icon (the button shaped like a kite), it will only give you several options to send Invisible WhatsApp messages.

  • send via The WhatsApp
  • copy
  • Another messenger

Another option you can use is to go to the “Find unicode characters” page to copy the link and then copy it into the chat you want.

However, this page is not always available in search engines and often the result does not appear when you search for it.

Next to Invisible WhatsApp messages There are different functions Like highlighting messages, changing the font, or creating gifs from videos.

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