Delete Google Maps Now From Your Android Phone!

Delete Google Maps Now From Your Android Phone!

do you own Google Maps Installed on your Android device? It is one of the best apps that Google has in its catalog, even though it can be quite cumbersome at times. Google Maps It’s no longer just GPS: it’s filled with hundreds of functions that go beyond navigation. Today we tell you a perfect solution to keep using Google Maps and you don’t have to deal with a vast interface full of things you don’t use. What is more, You will save the data It will improve the performance of your device. Delete Google Maps Now!

Google Maps Go is the app you need if you just want GPS

Some time ago Google launched Google Maps GoA working copy of the original. Maps Go is the perfect alternative if you just want to GPS functions And a little more. It takes almost no space on your device, it’s faster than the original app and it’s built for it Mobile phones with few resources.

Maybe if you have a high-end mobile you won’t notice anything, but Google Maps has a hard time working on it mid/low range in some cases. Reason? The large number of gradually included functions that now flood the interface. Navigation, odd as it may seem, remained in the background.

if he GPS de Google Maps You like it and want to have it on your mobile phone, the best thing is that Designed by Google Maps Go. It is an application available for all Android devices and only has an extension GPS functions And a little more. Its interface is very simple and it works under Google Chrome like a web app.

If you don’t try Go . Maps We recommend downloading it now, because if it’s smooth and fast, it will probably encourage you to leave it installed. she has Same navigation engine and same functionality as the original app, but without all the other functions that don’t contribute much to navigation.

If you use Google Maps for GPS navigation, you should Delete Google Maps now and install Google Maps Go on your Android device. You will notice an amazing change if you have a humble mobile phone!

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