Is air conditioning harmful to health?

Is air conditioning harmful to health?

High temperatures in many parts of the country make it necessary to occupy adaptation Whether for the office or for the home, but is it harmful to health? We’ll tell you below.

a adaptation It is a system that modulates the temperature of an enclosed space, removing heat from the environment and transferring it to an outdoor area.

Is air conditioning harmful to health?

Although it is hot in many places and A.J adaptation To feel better, it is important to know that various studies have shown that people who spend more time in air-conditioned environments have Increased use of healthcare services Here we show you some of the negative effects that it can generate on health:

Respiratory problems

the Respiratory symptoms They affect the eyes, nose and throat. air cold It can also affect the airway below the vocal cords and Irritation of the bronchial mucosa.

One investigation found that 28% of people in air-conditioned buildings experienced it rhinitis;compared to only 5% of the participants ventilation of buildings of normal shape.

About 35% of people who have lived in spaces adaptation had a stuffy nose, compared to only 9% in naturally ventilated buildings.

Asthma and allergies

he adaptation It could make things worse allergy and even asthma. Staying inside an air-conditioned space can be protective for some people who are allergic to pollen or air pollutants, while others find things worse.

he maintenance And cleaning affiliate filters Air conditioning is important, otherwise you risk exposing yourself to a host of triggers and microbes.

Allergies and asthma can be exacerbated by air conditioning. (photo: private)

dry skin

during the hot season, Excessive air conditioning and exposure to the sun can cause itchy and dry skin. Although other symptoms may disappear some time after leaving the premises, getting rid of dry skin It’s not that easy.

dry eye

he dry eye can cause Itch And eye irritationSometimes it can be so bad that vision becomes a bit blurry. Spending a lot of time in an air-conditioned place can exacerbate dry eyes.

Air conditioning can cause dry eyes. (photo: private)

Infectious diseases

Because of air conditioners It dries out the nasal passages, and that can irritate the mucous membranes and dry up mucus. In the absence of proper protective mucus, people become more vulnerable to virus attack.

(With information from: Mayo Clinic and Ovacen)

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