It was a rare press conference. Gerardo MartinoBefore the game against the United States, he was delayed an hour. NSFrom Carmel, Indiana, to Cincinnati, Ohio, it was an ordeal. Approximately five hours in a trip usually takes one hour and 50 minutes. Heavy rains and a road with fixed sections remain the most disturbing focus for a long time.

This is why it was so succinct at first. Perhaps because of that, or because of the nerves already realized before the most important match. no longer beaten United State; In fact, he maintained that the two back-to-back games they lost in the Summer Finals weren’t taken personally. But a third party would be disastrous, and although the rhetoric is convincing that the important thing is to get to the fifth game of GlobalismThe truth is that a new humiliation against the most hated rival would be a very cruel blow.

He never spoke with Ricardo Pepe, got to know “Tata”, which is unfathomable when there is so much Mexican-American talent in himand MLS which must be seen, followed up and negotiated by the coach or by S management.national elections, Which indicates an alarming improvisation. They are issues that not many people attach importance to, but they are important in a project and in a competition like this. So much so that the Americans take it seriously and work to convince these youngsters to be part of their team, because they know that – in addition to winning good players for their ranks – they take them away from a strong opponent.

Everything is corrected before the most important game you will encounter in your operation. If you lose for the third time in a row, it will be a hit Mexican football.

Stick to winning, that’s what the Mexican fan wanted to hear, who just saw how the matches were going and the score was outstanding before the performance, to add before anything else. Yes in deed , Martino He asks them to keep supporting them, as if that stopped.

On the contrary, especially when playing in United State, The support of the fans is not in doubt, as is the ability of this coaching staff to make the team regain its footballing memory and the ability of the players to do so.

The US team is Mexican nonsense: it “steals” and defeats soccer players world Cup In his house – the stranger – Mexico reigns … Anyway, that’s what needs to be recognized and fixed, and tonight in Cincinnati, in a new stadium and the audience in it will be very hostile, they have everything to solve, because the stuck balls can be won, and you have many footballers Football in Europe and not taking advantage of Mexican-American talent, but football in our country has more structure and it has to be a measure to confront them, or maybe we were cheated and what have they worked for 26 years? No MLS y la US Soccer Really outweighs all Mexican?

Is it E team moreUnited States of Mexico? This doubt must be dispelled tonight.

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