Ismail Menjia traveled to the US to rehab and shine again in 2022

Ismail Menjia traveled to the US to rehab and shine again in 2022

Exploding Chinese league man Ismael Monguya, the fastest growing Nicaraguan player in Minor League Baseball in 2021, left Saturday for the United States with a mission to continue his development process to fulfill his dream of becoming a player. Major League Baseball.

“The initial goal of my trip is to rehabilitate myself after my hand injury and then train to prepare for next season,” Chinandegano explained to LA PRENSA. “This could take about two weeks,” said Sandy Moreno, the giant scout who signed with Munguía in 2015.

Munguía impressed last year by giving a surprising boost to his career that began in 2016 with the San Francisco Giants. He finished as the hitters captain of the Western League, Division I, at 0.336 (333-112) with nine hurdles, 15 base steals, 57 points and scored 53 points in 81 games.

And as if that wasn’t enough, Munguía became more violent in the post-season, to the point of finishing the circuit final with an average of 0.632 (19-12), with two homeowners, scoring five runs and five RBIs, to become the leading figure in the Eugene’s Emerald Coronation over the Spokane Indians.

That should come as no surprise when you consider that Ismail put in an amazing performance in 2017, when he finished with .331 in the Arizona Junior League, or in 2019, when he finished with .286 in Class A. Performance has never been this level before. Balanced like he achieved last year, putting everything together.

In addition to emphasizing his ability to hit the ball, maxed out at being the batting leader (.336), Ismail scored nine home runs in 388 in the bat, an exceptional progress considering that prior to this year, he had three home runs. 1,149 chances. He stole 15 bases in 20 attempts. He had 33 scams in 52 attempts in four years.

“Munguía was one of the reasons we were champions. His hitting and dynamic playing pushed us at all times. He’s a hard-working electrician, knows how to tackle bats and has some strength,” admitted Dennis Belvey, his manager at Eugene Emeralds. “I wish I could always coach him.”

Ismail prefers to be promoted this year. Odds are, he started in Double A and was invited to Spring Training for the Major League Baseball team. Hard work pays off. There is a Munguía example for everyone, but especially for players who struggle to open up space despite many adversities.

At 23 years old, Munguia knows he has no time to waste and as usual, hopes to dump the remains to reach the promised land. “It’s been a great year and it’s growing every day,” Sandy said of Mongoya, who traveled to the United States with fellow detective Eliane Rayo.

Munguía injured one hand while playing for the Tigres de Chinandega in Nicaragua’s professional baseball league. Ismail had a .375/.630/.688 offensive streak with 1,318 OPS, one home run and five RBIs in five games by the time he came off.

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