The Colombian national football team began work in a friendly match in the United States against Honduras


The Colombian national football team kicked off their tournament this Sunday in Barranquilla with a friendly international duel on January 16th against Honduras in the United States.

Reinaldo Rueda will work with 20 players in the Atlantic capital before traveling to Florida for the game in Fort Lauderdale.

Only one novelty regarding the initially released list is the loss of Sebastian Gómez by Covid-19 and in his replacement he was called Yéimar Gómez, a member of the MLS.
The focus of the tricolor began yesterday, with the arrival of 19 players who, at the end of the day, conducted the first working session under the leadership of the technical staff at the sports headquarters of the Colombian Football Association.

Today, midfielder Juan Fernando Quintero is expected to be in Barranquilla, who states that in the coming days he could finalize his return to River Plate in Argentina.

One of the happiest return to call-up is Cordovan striker Miguel Angel Borja, who returned to Junior this season after a stint in the Brazilian syndicate.

“The most important thing is to leave an excellent imprint on this call, that the teacher (Reinaldo Rueda) is happy, and therefore the doors are open to the judiciary. The most beautiful and most important thing in this coaching apparatus is that everyone has open doors. It remains only to work from our side.

This call from Rueda has a high percentage of Colombian league players, and it is a motive for those who play in our country in order to be taken into account for the remaining World Cup qualifying matches before finishing the road to Qatar 2022.

“The most logical thing is that he was leaning towards the domestic league players, because it’s not a date in FIFA, he has to depend on the kindness of the teams that want to loan them, so the vast majority, with the exception of three players, are from outside,” said advisor Pedro Sarmiento on the call.

Another reason for Rueda to choose players working in the local field could be the complications that arise these days to travel internationally due to the omicron variant, which would certainly disrupt the exodus to the country for those cited.

Juan Fernando Quintero, Yemi Chara, Christian “Chichou” Arango and Ymar Gomez are the only footballers from foreign teams who will be part of Tricolor in the clash against Colombian side Hernan Dario “Pulillo” Gomez.

The ‘tricolor’ will meet in the fourth box of the 17-unit tropical qualifier sites table, and will face Peru and Argentina, in the double date that will take place on January 27 and February 2.
“Overall, it is a good choice because it has given room to players who are not usually in the team and because we will certainly see many of them in play, which expands the mosaic of the odds of a tie. In this list there are players who have already provided advantages to take into account,” coach Juan Jose Pelaez said.

It is scheduled that before the trip to the territory of North America, the Colombian team can play a closed duel with Junior on Wednesday, the team preparing for the start of the Colombian League, on January 22.

The national team has a new training day scheduled for Monday as it will slowly begin designing the team for the friendly match.

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