Israel begins implementing the third dose of the COVID vaccine

President Isaac Herzog, 60, and his wife Michal received their third dose of Pfizer/BioN Tech. Photo: AFP

Israel Application started on Friday a Third dose of COVID-19 vaccine for people over 60 years old. The country intends to stop Delta variable infection A third injection is supported by an expert opinion and not by solid scientific evidence.

President IsraelIsaac Herzog, 60, started this campaign Application of the third dose of the vaccine against the new Coronaeros. He and his wife, Michael, received Pfizer/BioNTech biologics at Sheba Hospital in a Tel Aviv suburb. Minister of Pressure, Benjamin Netanyahu, also conducted the third injection.

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the progress Delta variant of COVID-19 Keep Israel on alert Because for several weeks infection They increased daily and more than 2000 numbers were registered.

Current records from More than 16,000 active casesOf these, 167 are in serious condition.

With expert approval only, Israel applies a third dose

Administration Three doses of the Covid vaccine in Israel Enhances protection against infection delta variableAccording to the Pfizer Laboratory, however, it has not been approved by health authorities in United States or European Union.

Israel’s decision “is based on expert opinion, on logic, not on solid scientific evidence. But that’s fine,” said Hagai Levin, an epidemiologist at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

In mid-July, Israel approved the firing of a bullet Giving a third dose of the vaccine For people who are severely immunosuppressed, that is, those whose weakened immune systems make them particularly vulnerable to the virus.

In the face of the recent increase in COVID-19 infectionPrime Minister Naftali Bennett announced a campaign to inject a third dose into those 60 and over.

Israel pioneers a third dose of the vaccine for people over 60 years old

Bennett, 49, said Friday that he had accompanied President Herzog to the hospital for the injection.

“The only way to beat COVID is to work together. Together means sharing information, methods, tips and practical steps. The State of Israel is open to sharing all the information you will gain from this bold step.”

Naftali Bennett, Prime Minister of Israel

According to Pfizer, which produces the vaccine used primarily in Israel, “new studies show that a third dose has neutralizing effects against the delta variant, [que son] Five times higher among the young and more than eleven times among the oldest.

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