It costs 2.3 million euros and has a cinema

It costs 2.3 million euros and has a cinema

After publicly slapping Chris Rock at the Academy Awards for messing with Jada Pinkett, Will Smith hides out in an adorable $11 million manor in Hidden Hills, California. This wasn’t the only luxury residence that the bust winner for Best Actor had for his portrayal of father of tennis players Venus and Serena Williams: he could also do so in his imposing imposition. mobile home 2.5 million dollars (2.3 million euros) and, due to the great convenience, has its own movie theater.

The heritage capacity of the talented actor, whose fortune is 350 million dollars (about 318 million euros), does not decrease, according to calculations made by Celebrity Net Worth, a website that publishes estimates of the total assets and financial activities of the stars. In any case, according to the press in the United States, it is the mansion on wheels that Smith usually rented, from which the actor receives income for its maintenance.

Will Smith in the third part of “Men in Black”


Will Smith’s main goal in getting such a monster rolling is to have his own space and feel at home during the extended periods of time he gets on set.

What Will Smith’s Mansion on Wheels looks like

Will Smith bought the luxury caravan in 2000, so as not to rely on the provisions that movie producers usually provide. To do this, contact Anderson Mobile Estates, an American company dedicated to the world of mobile homes that works only for discerning clients and adapts its products to the needs of each buyer.

In fact, this company debuted with Will Smith’s car, for which he paid $2.5 million. With this monster, the actor attended some of the most important moments of his career, such as the movie in which Muhammad Ali became the movie Find Happiness or the third batch of Men in black clothes.

Will Smith Luxury Mobile Home Cinema

Will Smith Luxury Mobile Home Cinema

Anderson Mobile Estates

Anderson Mobile Estates called it The Studio, but the actor chose another name: the heat (the heat). When the actor isn’t using it, he rents it out for $9,000 a week.

This luxury cottage has two floors with bedrooms, a kitchen and a flashy 30-person home cinema with a 100-inch drop-down screen. It also has a private space to host business meetings.

The cinema viewing room is located on the second floor of the mobile home thanks to an eight-piston lift system that makes the upper floor more than a meter from its standard position.

One of the rooms in Will Smith's luxury mobile home

One of the rooms in Will Smith’s luxury mobile home

Anderson Mobile Estates

On the ground floor are the usual spaces for mobile homes such as bedrooms, dining room, kitchen and bathroom, which occupies the entire width of the car and have a shower with sauna and a separate dry toilet with a glass door. Converts to opaque at the touch of a button. The bathroom alone costs about $25,000. At the bottom is also a space dedicated to Smith’s career, containing a make-up room and extensive wardrobe.

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Other features of this luxury motorhome are the doors, which are all automatic and make a sound when opening and closing.

In total, this magnificent mansion on wheels has an area of ​​about 17 meters and about 111.5 square meters of living space. Its dimensions make the model need about 22 wheels to be able to move without any problem on US roads.

Will Smith's luxury mobile kitchen

Will Smith’s luxury mobile kitchen

Anderson Mobile Estates

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