“It’s a dream to be able to team up with Eliud Kipchoge”

“It’s a dream to be able to team up with Eliud Kipchoge”
  • Handsome distinguished Excited to run in NN Running Team From Kenensa Bekele, Joshua Chiptiji and Geoffrey Camoror.
  • The young Spanish athlete will travel to Uganda To prepare with the best riders.
  • Wasim Amiz will be repeated in 2021 as the only Spaniard on the Kipchoge NN Running Team.

    Handsome distinguished, The first Spanish athlete to be a part of NN Running Team, He declared, “a dream to be able to team up” with the Kenyan Eliod KipchogThe current world marathon record holder with a time of 2 hours, 1 minute and 39 seconds.

    Wasim Azeem, 21, is an accomplished athlete on all surfaces. In 2018 he won a silver medal in European Junior ChampionshipsIn 2019, it won Cross de Atapuerca This is the year 2020 a Spanish U-23 record for the 5,000m in Monaco (13:13, 14)And also prof A national road record is 5 km in Nijmegen with a time of 13 minutes 19 seconds.

    His progress has allowed him to join NN Running, considered the most important international professional sports team with members such as Eliud Kipchoge, the world record holder in the marathon; Ethiopian Kennensa Bekele, Second fastest man at 42,192 kilometers; Ugandan Joshua Chiptege, 10,000m world champion in 2019; Or a Kenyan Geoffrey CamororTwice winner of the New York City Marathon.

    “It’s a dream to be part of this team,” said Amez, who will bid farewell to the 2020 races at Nationale-Nederlanden. “I’m so proud that they noticed me. It keeps me motivated.” San Sylvester Vallecana. “In this new team, I want to continue to grow both athletically and personally. Personally, the only person I know is Chepteguei, although he is not much. Before I saw them on TV, now it’s a luxury to share a shirt with them. Picture on social networks and just thinking of me. So I’m excited. ”

    In the short term, Amiz will move into focus with his new team Uganda. The Spanish athlete, who asked only in 2021, stressed, “There I will meet the rest of my teammates, to have a good season, improve sportsmanship and go to Olympic Games To play a good role. “

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