Cold waves postpone 2021 matches


Polar cold and snowstorms hitting Texas and other parts of the southern United States caused the postponement of Saturday’s match between the Houston Rockets and the Indiana Pacers, the NBA said Friday.

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It was the third plane crash postponed by storms this week, which left millions of Texas without electricity and water.

Local authorities have closed down the Toyota Center in Houston (Texas), the home of the Rockets, resulting in the suspension of Friday’s game from that franchise against the Dallas Mavericks and now Saturday’s game against the Pacers.

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The NBA also postponed the Mavericks game in Dallas, Texas, against the Detroit Pistons on Wednesday for the same reasons.

Accustomed to waves of heat, not cold, large parts of the southern United States were still experiencing sub-zero temperatures on Friday, although thermometers are expected to rise Saturday in states like Texas, where more than 180,000 homes are still without electricity. .

Many people have died from cold or traffic accidents due to ice on roads in Texas, while the deaths nationwide are around thirty, according to US media.

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