It’s time to be a part of FesTIC

It’s time to be a part of FesTIC

Between September 22 and October 6, 2021, contacted Science, Technology and Innovation Festival- FesTIC, aimed at people between the ages of 14 and 28 who reside in Cali, to be part of the committee Harmonious guys. The goal is to provide opinions, experiences and contributions on digital issues but, in addition, to strengthen the region Public policy for science, technology and innovation.

Local youth can sign up through out the registration form with all the specified fields. In addition, minors must send an authorization letter from their parents or guardians to the e-mail [email protected]In order to participate in the event,” explained the Director of the Information and Communications Technology Department, Teresa Cancelado.

For her part, Lina Marisol Romero, Deputy Director of Digital Innovation, indicated that registrants will present their presentations with other young people. “Working together, they will generate contributions that contribute to building proposals for the city’s digital transformation,” he added.

Once the proposals are received and the registrations closed, the committee members who will be in this edition will be selected, with the support of professional experts in the field, who will be responsible for evaluating the quality of the proposals and will notify the date by email or phone. and plate area time.

The Cali Science, Technology and Innovation Festival It is organized by the Administrative Department of TIC-Datic, through the Sub-Directorate of Digital Innovation and will take place in November 2021, with a mixed agenda (face-to-face and virtual) through Facebook accounts: Tweet embed And Tweet embed.

What is the policy for science, technology and innovation?
It is a policy with a strategic objective of being a tool for city planning, allowing to respond to the realities and needs presented by the residents of Santiago de Cali in the face of the use and appropriation of scientific, technological and innovative knowledge, in order to create new strategies, programs and projects to move towards digital transformation.

It’s 2021, festic It will be an opportunity to influence different sectors of the city. Likewise, it will allow visitors, tourists and foreigners to know about all the benefits and innovations that they contribute to the development of ICT for a city advancing in digital transformation.

If you raised doubts and concerns in the registration process, you can write to the e-mail [email protected].

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