Jaca celebrates Science Week with workshops, talks, guided tours and exhibitions – Jaca

Jaca celebrates Science Week with workshops, talks, guided tours and exhibitions – Jaca

The Culture District of Jaca City Council organizes Science Week from October 24 to 29, with activities for both the general public and school children, in cooperation with the city’s five educational centers.

This is the first time it has been celebrated this week, although the city has already hosted the activities of the Ciudad Ciencia Program, with which it continues to cooperate and, according to those responsible for culture, “has come to stay”.

The Science Week was presented at the city’s convention center in the presence of delegate culture advisor Javier Asin, education advisor Laura Clement and culture technician Jorge Moore. “It will be an interdisciplinary week, in which we will find activities related to illustration, astronomy, physics, mathematics, biology, imaging, technology, energy, geology and experimental sciences,” noted Javier Asin. During these days the activity will be completed for the general public and the family. Acín explained that “the primary scientific reference for us is the Pyrenean Institute of Ecology (IPE), and there we focused our attention, along with CSIC, to which it belongs, within the Ciudad Ciencia Agreement established by this entity with the Jacques City Council”.

Another “main scientific focus” of the environment is the underground laboratory Canfranc, on which his collaboration will also depend, as well as that of the Huesca Astronomical Society, the Origami School in Zaragoza, the Association of Friends of the Camino of Santiago de Jaca and the Photovoltaic Park in Jaca. “This means that these resources will take us to a variety of spaces, such as institutes, schools, the IPE itself, the Palace of Congress, the 100 Jaca City Hall, the solar park, or a Sieso visit,” adds a councilman. With all this said, the Science Week program includes about 30 workshops, seven talks or conferences, two exhibitions, and three guided tours. y

Jorge Moore showed that science “is in everything, it is an aspect of human knowledge that has always been with us.” For this reason, “it seemed to us necessary to focus on science, to awaken the da’wa in the youth and to suggest a greater awareness of the importance of science in the adults.”

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