Jason Statham’s panoramic movie has taken over Netflix


Jason Statham‘s Hummingbird (qualification salvation in the US) currently dominates Netflix.

The action-thriller is rising on the charts in 17 countries, including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica and Colombia, according to Flex Patrol.

The film follows the character of Joey (Statham), a homeless veteran struggling with the aftermath of a traumatic tour of Afghanistan. When Joey returns to London and attempts to rehabilitate his life, he assumes another man’s identity with the help of a nun who works in a downtown parish. During the film, he also searches for his missing best friend while trying to make up for his past by donating the money he earns after joining an organized crime syndicate.

The film also stars Agata Buzek, Vicky McClure, Benedict Wong, Victoria Bewick, and Siobhan Hewlett. Hummingbird It was released in 2013 and was considered a failure after making only $12.6 million worldwide against the $20 million budget needed to create the film.

Once, Hummingbird This was Stephen Knight’s directorial debut. Knight is best known for his critically acclaimed screenwriters in Dirty Pretty Things (2002), Oriental Promises (2007) as well as his work as a screenwriter and director in look (2013).

Reason Hummingbird Critics said the suffering in theaters was because the film failed to make a coherent whole.

After the film’s box office error, Statham joined the fast and angry French.

Hummingbird It is now streaming on Netflix.

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