Jersey leaked away from the new US


through the page Foti addressesThe official shirt has been leaked outside the national team’s grounds. United State by nike, as well as the shirt before the meeting, which was revealed for a few months by an account Elizabeth Shindel, Director Football protagonist.

The new collection of stars and stripes It presents a bold design to try to camouflage with red and dark blue, similar to the third color of Manchester United, with the Nike ‘Futura’ logo on the right side and the Team USA logo on the left, while the shorts are also navy blue and the socks are striped.

This new shirt features a new knitted pattern that debuted at في’s training range Barcelona 2021Developed to meet the needs of athletes, it delivers a micro-impact fabric that takes care of the most important areas of performance allowing for greater flexibility and breathability.

On the other hand, the pre-match shirt is white with an abstract geometric print all over the surface, added to the blue collar, as well as a blue stripe on the left side of the sleeve, giving an elegant design, and in the center we can see the Volkswagen logo.

The new clothes are expected to go on sale soon, and will be used by both men and women.

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