Jesus Calleja makes Pablo Alboran cry as he admits to a personal and musical crisis during his trip to Uganda | Film and Television


Those who follow the social networks of Pablo Alboran They know how special the journey he took jesus calija to Uganda. The photos and reflections he shared from that moment made clear that it wasn’t just another man’s experience from Malaga, but a one-of-a-kind one.

We were able to check it out on the Quattro broadcast and were able to see him get really excited, especially when he met the group in Lake Victoria NDote cultural, a local band that makes its own instruments and investigates its roots.

four generations of Musicians who rely on roots Alboran did not hesitate to consult with him to improve his singing and understanding of music. Undoubtedly a very special meeting for him.

second crisis

“I dedicate myself to music, and they also dedicate themselves to music. We have the same feeling, the same passion. I come from one world and they belong to another, and yet music lives the same way.” The beat that you get sometimes makes you forget why you’re composing music.Alboran said to the adventurer.

The singer could not help but become emotional and even shed some tears. “Coming to me that you are dying, I needed it. I’m not crying, I’m excited, I’m glad to be here. I needed it and my people knew it before I even did it,” he admitted between emotional hugs.

“I desperately needed a real connection,” he admitted. He admits he is going through a second existential crisis, but this time “I can’t stop, Coming here made me stop and it’s a gift from heavenI swear to God,” he continued, explaining.

He did not hesitate to express his gratitude to the Ugandan musicians and he did so in English: “Thank you very much, it is such an honor to be here, I feel very lucky. You helped me so much to reconnect with myself, with my music, and with something honest and real. Because the music is. Thanks a lot. “

Now it will be necessary to check whether those African influences appear in his subsequent compositions. Anyway, this wasn’t the only moment Pablo was affected. During a river cruise he was able to be scared by hippos too You cry when you see an elephant and you realize the enormity of nature and how separated we are from it.

You will definitely not be able to forget this trip.

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