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Just 5 euros in your pocket and a bunch of goodwill to become part of Goparity’s investment community, prof start The Portuguese recently arrived in Spain aspiring to double its profitability and sustainability in a region that allows its promoters to think big due to its size and entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Now they boast that they prevented 20,900 tons of carbon dioxide2 And to protect more than 649 hectares of organic farming. In the future, they hope that as they jump to the rest of the peninsula, the benefits will also be noticed in the income statement.

“Our idea is that, within two years, this country will represent twice the volume of business in Portugal,” says Nuno Prieto, CEO and founder of Jobarete. Environmental engineer, in 2017 created the first sustainability platform. Since then, 11,000 people from 59 countries have invested 5.3 million euros in more than 80 sustainable projects with profits close to 1.2 million euros.

The requirements are simple. For promoters, it suffices that the initiatives are aligned with one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Blue Economy, Responsible Consumption and Production, Reducing Inequality or Renewable Energy. In fact, it is solar energy that is of most interest among investors and businessmen. Also in Goparity, whose name comes from the word Equal and Equal Opportunities Grid parityA term to define the moment when you can produce cheaper than what you buy from the electricity grid.

“Our specialty is self-consumption. Especially from companies,” Britto says. “People know solar energy, they know it is reliable and they understand the business model,” while the people behind the projects “see us as a good alternative. Of course we do risk analysis, but we don’t set conditions like personal guarantees to obtain financing.”

Solar project at a dairy cooperative in Uganda.

So far they have funded initiatives in seven countries; Among them is Spain. Nozama A. start Based in Barcelona, ​​she secured € 50,000 to develop a project by which corporate sustainability can be measured through CO monitoring2 And the single-use packaging it produces, and after its good results, it’s just starting a new campaign to improve its platform and apps.

For investors, the facility starts from a minimum of € 5 to start making money at 8% of the profitability that can be obtained through high-risk projects developed, for example, in Uganda, says CEO of Goparity, and “the same thing happens. In Brazil or Colombia, in countries where the financing conditions for small and medium-sized enterprises are not good. “

Investor profile

60% of those hoping to make a profit by making a positive impact with their money are between the ages of 25 and 45. Starting at this age, the ratio drops to 10% for those over 55, but they are also the ones who deposit the most capital on the platform. And it’s not just about people. About 130 companies, SMEs, and some large companies support projects as a form of social responsibility. In fact, Britto notes, they are working to attract more entities to participate as investors.


Ecuador coffee
Cocoa from a producer cooperative in Ecuador.

5 million Euro is their target for 2021, but they have already raised more than 6 million. His two-year plan is for Spain to represent twice the amount of business in Portugal.

The context seems apt, too. “There is a pre- and post-pandemic. Before we could reach 150,000 euros per month of investment. After the fall in March and April of last year, we started coming back in May, we got our rhythm back in June, and since September, every month has gotten better than before.” In March, we raised more than 500,000 euros for the first time and in April we made 615,000 euros, “says the founder of this. start It was formed by a team of 16 people.

“It’s a very good thing to break personal records, but the feeling is there’s a lot to do.” Working in sustainability, “wanting to grow as we want,” Britto admits, “We’re satisfied, yes, but we want to do so much more.”

Match with European funds

Compatibility. Sustainability is one of the foundations of the European Recovery Plan as well as Goparity, which, far from being exclusive, allows both sources of funding to be complementary.

Coincidence… For projects ineligible for these grants and for projects that were not 100% covered. Even to pay money.

integration. Nuno Preto says they are working “with three or four companies that already know” they will benefit. “They expect financing with us, and when they receive the money, they settle debts with the investors.”

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