Joe Biden pledges to defend human rights during his meeting with Putin

President Joe Biden is showing great resilience against Russia. | Photo: AFP

Joe Biden, President of the United States, This Sunday he pledged to voice his Russian counterpart, Russian President Vladimir Putin, At the beginning summit 16 of JuneThat the United States will not allow Russia to “violate” rights Humans.

I will meet him President Putin In two weeks’ time in Geneva, to make it clear to you that no, we will not stand by and let you offend them. rightsBiden said in a speech.

Biden made a phone call to the president of China

President Biden also indicated that he had a long telephone conversation in February with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping.

“I made it clear to him that we can only do anything Cannons The rights Humans All over the world, because that’s what we are, ”he said.

“The United States is unique. It’s an idea. For us, the fact that all men and women are born equal is a fact.”

When will Biden and Putin meet?

Biden will meet Putin on June 16 in Geneva (Switzerland), At a time of great tension between the two rival powers.

JBiden is showing great solidarity against Russia, Keen to break with his predecessor, Donald Trump, accused of acquiescence to the Kremlin.

Even if Prepare To punish Russia once again “if it continues to interfere” with American democracy, and even describe it as a “killer.” Put it inHe asserts that he does not want to “unleash the cycle of escalation and conflict” and insists on his desire for dialogue.

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