Australia: The mouse plague has citizens on the edge of an abyss

New South Wales, IN Australia, Is a victim of an epidemic Mice: Citizens cannot sleep. Photo: Reuters.

“I don’t sleep because I’m paranoid, you know“You can hear it on the walls and on the ceiling”: words of farmer Cody Brady, who lives in New South Wales, State Australia Who is the victim? plague from Mice What he attends Society went crazy Despair.

Ritual of the morning farmer Cody Brady, Durant Recent months, has been cleaned up plague from Mice. Before going to work, collect hundreds of Mice He died that he succeeds in drowning in cubes or poison and he is the greatest plague From rodents In decades spans For New South Wales, at Australia.

The enemy is hard to break

  • The Mice They adapt well to the climate
  • They can survive long periods of dry weather
  • When the climate thrives, they reproduce thanks to food and water

When it is shown Bring the latest weather Heavy rain on the east coast AustraliaNot only did it help produce the largest crop of grains, but it also provided ample food for Mice from Run fast now transformed to plague.

The Local media I mentioned that only two of Mice It can produce, on average, up to 500 young in one season. Programs against plague Little success, locals expect torrential rains Drowning animals in them Burrows in Australia.

Kill them! But with humanity

the organization People for ethical treatment Of animals (PETA), and called for a more humane extermination yet plague from Mice On Australia. And Alisha Naxakis, a spokeswoman for PETA, demanded in an interview with the media More humane forms extermination.

We want to remind everyone that mice feel pain and fear. Therefore, if they are to be killed, the most ethical and right thing is to do so, and do it as quickly and without pain. ”.

Farmer Cody Brady concluded:

“The smell is rotten. The smell of living from a mouse is terrible, but the smell of the dead is ten times worse and so I fed it, which I do not like. Much because of the influences on Wildlife and stuff. I live in a very beautiful area with a lot of wildlife and this ”.

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