A pilot was convicted of viewing pornography during the flight

A former Southwest Airlines pilot has been sentenced to one year in prison for inappropriate in-flight behavior (Photo: Reuters / Lauren Elliott)

Michael HuckEx-pilot of Southwest AirlinesSentenced b One year on probation And fine $ 5,000 USD, After being found guilty of indecent and indecent behavior during a Philadelphia flight to Orlando on August 10 last year.

The 60-year-old received the ruling from a federal judge Mark Coulson Who held him responsible for him After I watched pornography Exposing their genitals to a fellow flight officer while they were on board.

According to a note from New York BossR., the prosecutor’s office who attended the case recorded that what happened was on the flight to Medina Florida In August 2020. After that, When the transport reached sailing altitude, Huck began to behave.

“It started as a consensual joke between me and the other driver. I had never imagined that this would happen in a thousand years,” he stated to the authorities.

Assistant Attorney General of the United States Michael Cunningham was responsible for carrying out the operation From the accused party. According to what New York media collected from this source, the man undressed and began watching pornography on a laptop inside the plane.

Michael Huck, 60, was viewing pornography inside the flight deck (Image: File)
Michael Huck, 60, was viewing pornography inside the flight deck (Image: File)

The prosecution explained that “as the plane continued its flight, Huck became more involved in inappropriate behavior inside the cabin, as the first officer continued to perform her duties as an assigned member of the crew.”

In addition, Cunningham condemned the action of the aviation expert, because according to the standards of the Authority, Michael Huck It was my duty to act in a more responsible manner […] This is not the kind of deviant behavior anyone should accept.“.

Initially, the truth was reported by First Officer W. Hack chose to retire from Southwest Airlines; However, by April 2021, the former pilot was charged with committing an indecent, indecent or obscene act in a public place. After the accusation was announced and proceedings began, the 60-year-old pleaded guilty.

Michael SalnickThe attorney representing the perpetrator informed the public that Huck agreed to the offense Take responsibility This attracts the truth. In this sense, he said that his client made no excuses for his behavior; However, the opponents considered this in defense of his client The penalty should be less If you take into consideration “his life of hard work and kindness”.

From this point of view, Salnik recalled how difficult it was to uncover this act in his personal life, and hoped that this acted as a mitigating factor.

The company has already taken action and has confirmed that this type of behavior is unacceptable (Photo: Reuters / Mike Blake)
The company has already taken action and has confirmed that this type of behavior is unacceptable (Photo: Reuters / Mike Blake)

The embarrassment and publicity resulting from this incident was in itself offensive to Michael Huck W. It was like a punishment In many ways, ”he insisted the punishment was lower for his client.

Finally, Southwest Airlines, via an official statement, confirmed this These types of behaviors are unacceptable Among the entities of the company’s employees, for which it was announced that, in the event of confirmation of the injury, they will conduct the necessary investigations to eradicate this type of action and prevent it.

The airline “does not tolerate behavior of this nature and.” He will take immediate action “If such behavior proves,” company spokesman Chris Mainz said.

After the former pilot accepted his responsibility for the actions to which I was referred, the company took action in this matter and again issued a public statement to clarify its position on this type of behavior.

Southwest investigated the matter As a result, he stopped paying the benefits to which he was entitled as a result of Mr. Huck’s separation. “

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