Amazing video: Bees unite and remove the soda cap

Amazing video: Bees unite and remove the soda cap
The bees put their legs down and little by little open the soda cap. Photo: Cuartoscuro / Archive

A video clip appears circulating on the Internet The amazing teamwork of bees. They are those amazing pictures that were taken It shows the greatness and intelligence of these “big little” zygotes.

What do bees do in the video?

During registration you can see how Two bees work as a team to remove the cap from the soda container, He is definitely attracted to the sugar in it.

These worker bees can be seen putting themselves on the lid of the soda pot You still have a few soft drinks s Little by little, treat it with their tiny claws and try to push them with their tiny heads.

The two bees, bent on accomplishing their mission, They turn the cover that gives way more and more and you can clearly see how it opens, until at the end it comes out downThe container was left open with the remnants of the drink at the mercy of the bees.

It is the end of humanity

A social media user who shared the video on Twitter Jokes about bee behavior; He says if they control the screw cap of the container, It is the beginning of the end for humankind.

“Well, that’s all for humanity. We’ve made a decent path, but if the bees master the screw cap, I think that’s the beginning of the end.”

Michael Moran on Twitter.

Once again, nature leaves more than one with their mouths open when it turns out that even small animals, such as these bees, far exceed the intelligence that humans think they possess. By itself it is known that They pollinate animals that are necessary for lifePlus workers, and now they’ve also shown how smart they are.

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