Kamala Harris criticized herself for cleaning herself up after shaking hands with the South Korean president


Kamala Harris, Vice President of the United States. She was criticized for wiping her hand after greeting the South Korean president, Moon Jae-in at the White House.

President Moon Jae-in visited the United States to meet with his counterpart Joe Biden and Vice President Harris.

  • The meetings took place at the White House

“I really enjoyed our conversation before entering this room,” he commented. Kamala Harris At the beginning of the conference the two leaders presented to the media.

Harris emphasized that the United States and South Korea share democratic and economic values, As well as friendship and history.

“We support ambitions United State Regarding climate action, we will coordinate with the state to achieve nuclear disarmament and bring lasting peace to the peninsula KoreaPresident Moon Jae-in said.

Why did you call Vice President Kamala Harris racist?

Social media users posted the video on Twitter, and some described the democrat as racist and disrespectful. Photo: AFP

The accusations came after the two leaders concluded their press conference. Moon Jae-in s Kamala Harris They came to shake hands.

After the farewell The vice president reached out to rub her pants with her hand, and then they left the room.

The vice president’s reaction caused controversy in social networks

Social media users shared the video via Twitter Some of them described the democrat as racist and disrespectful.

Other people have claimed that if Donald Trump or another Republican politician takes such a measure, they will face heavy criticism.

There were also those who tried to justify an act Kamala Harris Indicating the press conference It was one of the first events to be held without a mask in the White House Since the arrival of Joe Biden to the presidency.

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