Joseph Stiglitz, Nobel laureate in economics, has called for a ban on cryptocurrencies

This content was published on May 27 2022-13:48

Berlin, May 27 (EFE). The Nobel Prize in Economics Joseph Stiglitz on Friday called for a ban on cryptocurrencies, arguing that they facilitate large-scale black money laundering.

The American economist told German weekly Der Spiegel about its “closure” in relation to digital currencies such as Bitcoin, noting that the ban could be imposed at a point in the chain where cryptocurrencies are exchanged for regular money.

For years, he said, institutions have been striving to make financial markets more transparent.

Stiglis added that the fact that cryptocurrencies are digital does not make this requirement any less pressing.

The Nobel laureate in economics said, referring to the fight against money laundering in the United States, a country that remains a center of money laundering.

He attributed responsibility for the problems in real estate in part to former President Donald Trump, who claimed he “had a reputation for being a bleacher and getting rich that way.” EFE

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