The government strains relations with the United States because of the Summit of the Americas

The government strains relations with the United States because of the Summit of the Americas

Argentina has relations with United State In the last hours before a decision Alberto Fernandez requires his presence at the top of the Americas To be held on June 10 in Los Angeles with management Joe Biden As a meeting organizer.

under the premise of “top without exception”Fernandez insisted to the Biden administration that it was essential for Argentina not to leave the regimes Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela.

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The government asked the United States to invite Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua to the Summit of the Americas

Thus, the situation appears with no immediate exit in sight because the US administration has already decided to exclude those countries from the summit hosting Biden.

Government Spokesperson, Gabriella Cerruti Today confirmed the decision to hold the Summit of the Americas in the presence of the Presidents of Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela.

“The president, like his Mexican counterpart (Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador) and other Latin American presidents, considers the summit to be with all the member states of America,” presidential spokeswoman Gabriela Cerruti said last Friday. .

They don’t think the same in Washington Those who refuse to allow the regimes of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua not to participate in a regional summit because they are considered outside the democratic system.

In addition, regarding Alberto Fernandez’s attendance at the Presidents Summit to be held on June 9-10 in Los Angeles, the spokeswoman expressed in an interview with the historian: ‘No final decision’.

Failing to go, Argentina will follow in the footsteps of Mexico and Bolivia, which have also threatened to miss the heads of state meeting due to the exclusion of Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela.

In the midst of this climate of uncertainty, President Alberto Fernandez receives this afternoon Christopher Dodd, Special Adviser to the United States Government for the Ninth Summit of the Americas.

Meeting at Dodd’s request. There is a lot of secrecy about this meeting on the part of American diplomacy. Details of the agenda that the Biden envoy will publish in Casa Rosada are not yet known. But Dodd’s visit is part of a tour of Latin America ahead of the Presidents’ Summit.

Parallel to this, until the last moment, the Argentine ambassador to the United States, Jorge Argello tried to present Argentina’s position in Washington. The Secretary of Strategic Affairs at the Presidency of the Republic did the same thing. Gustavo Blaise.

At the same time, counselor Santiago Cafiero Today maintains a Official visit to Mexico Where he will hold meetings with the administration of Lopez Obrador, who will be absent from the Summit of the Americas, and they discuss the matter.

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