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Judge James Cohen confirmed the ruling by paying the former Bolivian President Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada (2002-2003) and former Defense Minister Carlos Sanchez Perrazin $ 10 million in compensation to the victims of that unfortunate incident.

The Chief Justice and Institutional Transparency, Evan Lima, welcomed Cohen’s decision based on the 1992 Torture Victim Protection Act (TVPA), “ a fact that opens a line of jurisprudence to initiate civil proceedings in that country for similar crimes, ” according to a statement. .

The memo added that the jury, promoted by relatives of eight of the more than 60 fatal victims, heard the testimonies of 40 witnesses during a three-week oral trial.

The judgment provided sufficient evidence to demonstrate that Sanchez de Lozada and Sanchez Perrazin were responsible for the extrajudicial executions recorded following the issuance of Supreme Decree 27209 on October 11, 2003, similar to the 4078 on November 15, 2019 that resulted in the Sacapa massacres. And Syncata.

Likewise, Government Minister Carlos del Castillo spoke on his Twitter account when he stressed that the court ruling was good news for the Bolivian people. “Justice has been served,” he wrote.

On the other hand, attorney Thomas Baker, the promoter of the trial, described the US judge’s decision as a historical fact when he rejected the defendants ’request as a result of the sacrifices of the victims’ families. Although the officials fled the country, in statements to the 180 program of Radio Patria Nueva.

The victims of 2003 and the Bolivian people have sent a message not only to those who killed their own people in Bolivia and in other countries. They sent a very strong message to the United States government that they cannot protect human rights violators. ”

With the support of the lawyer and now Foreign Minister Rogelio Maita, victims of the massacre filed a lawsuit in 2007 against Sanchez de Lozada and Sanchez Berzin, the Bolivian Information Agency reported.

The Supreme Court of the South American country has ruled that the crime of genocide in the form of “bloody massacre” killed more than 57 people who protested in defense of natural gas.

With regard to the violations of Sancata (El Alto) and Sakaba (Cochabamba), Baker specified that Judge James Cohn’s decision sets a precedent for similar killings in Bolivia.

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