Julie Ertes proudly wears the colors of the United States


US Defense Julie Ertz, is one of the most active players on her national team every time some playoff match or even higher competition takes place.

Julie Ertz always wears her national team colors with pride and this is evident on her social networks, where she always shows her national colors in her uniform and looks great on them.

The American defender is considered one of the most beautiful players in the group stars and stripes. In one of his recent releases, the defense published some pictures where he appeared in the national dress and garnered many likes.

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more than 50 thousand likes In the series of photos uploaded by the defense, it’s abundantly clear that Julie Earts is a fan favorite in the United States. And how not if the player has already won some gold with her national team.

Julie Arts has always proudly worn the colors of the United States. Photo: Jolly Arts’ Instagram screenshot

The player has been part of his glory moments dressed in the colors of the stars and stripes. Julie Erts adds an Olympic medal with the United States won at the recent Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

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She also won two Women’s World Cup titles, the first in Canada in 2015 and the second in France in 2019.

Defense is one of the most beautiful players in the United States. Photo: Jolly Arts’ Instagram screenshot

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