La Selecta receives a speech from the world champion before the match against the United States


Surprise Selecta players received a motivational speech in the hours leading up to the game against the United States, in the cold city of Columbus.

the Choose Continue in the final stage of preparations for the match against United StateDespite the complications from the cold and the injuries that Selecta have suffered due to covid-19, they are trying to keep their spirits high for the game.

In the framework of this last preparation, the selectors had a special talk with the selected Argentine and the world champion, Mario Alberto Kempeswho currently works as a commentator on ESPN.

Marvin Monterosa, another victim of COVID in Selecta

“You don’t have to lower your arms, you don’t have to be afraid of the cold, the temperature is the least, what matters is the team and then great things can be achieved”, That was part of what Kemps discussed with the players, according to the federation.

Mario Kempes played 49 matches with the Argentine national team and scored 30 goals, as he managed to be part of the world champions in the World Cup in Argentina, which was held on Argentine soil in 1978.

Players will survey their stadium on Wednesday afternoon at Field, which will be at an approximate temperature of -7°C, while expected at match time, it will be -1°C.

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