Next starts with 35 former international players

  • The first online session took place this Tuesday

  • FIFA President Gianni Infantino gave an introductory speech

  • The program will end in December 2022 and consists of seven modules

35 participants in the educational program next 90 (“The Next 90”) on Tuesday attended the first online session of a course that will take place over the next 10 months.

The program began with an introductory speech by FIFA President Gianni Infantino. “Thank you for being here with us, for embracing this project and for taking part in this exciting adventure: The Next 90,” the FIFA President told the participants.

Aiming to provide ex-football players (both male and female) the skills, tools and confidence to succeed in the next stages of their lives, once their boots are hung up, the program is organized by FIFA Legends, as well as their partner CIES (The International Center for Sports Studies).

A special role in society

“When we finish our career we are ex-teachers or ex-chiefs… while when you do that you are not really an ex-player you change your status from player to legend, which is a very unique characteristic of football because they are role models for boys and girls from their countries and they have a role Special in the community. As FIFA President I want to thank them for everything they have done and continue to do in football and soccer”, continued President Infantino.

“Today they embark on a year-long journey of education, exchange and knowledge sharing. It will help them shape and build the next 90 minutes and have the same impact they had when they were players. This program is important to us and their development.” Personal, but also for football as a whole. ‘,” explained Gianni Infantino, speaking in the same way for Dennis Oswald, Director of CIES and who later addressed the participants.

“Football should be a sport that is lived and played all over the world. We still have to work hard to make it a reality. We need people like you, our football legends from around the world who bring fresh ideas, professionalism, resilience and attitude that leads you to make a real impact” Gianni Infantino added, in a clear reference to the fundamental value that FIFA Legends has in the development of the sport.

Seven units within the program

The inaugural edition of The Next 90 contains a hands-on learning approach and a 10-month duration divided into seven modules. It will end with a face-to-face session to be held in December 2022, where participants will demonstrate what they have learned during the modules and present a final project to start their second career.

The Next Ninety Program is aimed at retired players who have at least one full hat under their belt and are proficient in written and spoken English.

Participants from all over the world

There are 35 participants who will be part of the first edition of The Next 90. Among them are 16 women and 19 men from all over the world, with at least one representative (male and female) from each continent.

Participants list:

AKA Margaret (Papua New Guinea), AKIDE Mercy (Nigeria), AL HAMMADI Abdulbaset (UAE), ANGEL Juan Pablo (Colombia), BLAKELY Luke (Antigua and Barbuda), BROWN-FINNIS Rachel (England), BYRNE Emma (Ireland) ), Cahill Team (Australia), Campbell Sol (England), Cabobianco Renata (Brazil), Cicero Gabriel (Venezuela), Fadel Mohamed (Egypt), Faye Jima (Scotland), Georges Laura (France), Henning Josephine (Germany), Henriquez Astor (Honduras), Herbert Rickey (New Zealand), Lalas Alexi (USA), Lloyd Carli (USA), Machon Martin (Guatemala), Maruto Norman (Zimbabwe), Melgar Pablo (Guatemala), Mpensa Mbo (Belgium) ), O’Reilly Heather (USA), Barangaudy Patrick (Singapore), Paraguay Romina (Chile), Perez Ricardo (Colombia), Red Douglas (England), Sangala James (Malawi), Simic Julia (Germany), Seninde Jan (Uganda) ), Sweswe Thomas (Zimbabwe), WEN Sun (China), YUSUF Ayisat (Nigeria).

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