‘Kaiju No. 8’ premieres its first trailer, though there’s bad news for those who need the premiere now

A few months ago it was confirmed with a first teaser.Kaiju No. 8′ had an anime in the works. how many Naoya Matsumoto It is indeed one of the most popular titles Sh┼Źnen Jump + And during Jump the party We’ve got a board on it where some surprises are definitely in store.

But while we’ve already been able to see the first real look at how it transitions from the manga into the anime, though unfortunately we’ll have to be patient with the release date.

Giant monsters invade

At the moment nothing is certain otherwise Production I.G She confirmed that the anime series will premiere In the year 2024. There’s no confirmed sale, though it’s very likely that the premiere of “Kaiju No. 8” will fall in the winter season, which starts in January.

in World “Kaiju No. 8”, Kaiju often attack the people of Japan, so there is a specially trained military group to kill them. town Kafka Hibino and Mina Ashiro It was destroyed by these creatures, and now Mina is the leader of this defense force.

When a small monster enters Kafka’s body, the young man gains new powers that allow him to become a kaiju, though he retains his human consciousness.

Kaiju number 8

“Kaiju No. 8” It began publication in 2020 and already has eight collected volumes that made the series one of the ten best selling manga. One of the manga’s strengths is the art, and although there are some reservations about how to translate it into an anime format at the moment, Production IG seems to have managed to find a nice balance to bring Kafka’s story to life.

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