Medical students ask for places to train – El Sol de Cuautla

Medical students ask for places to train – El Sol de Cuautla

Students from the Faculty of Medicine of the Autonomous University of Morelos State (UAEM) have closed the Chamilpa Campus to demand places to conduct their training once they are about to graduate. It does not allow access for students only for workers.

Daniela Mejia, a student at the college, accused that she was promised 130 places to allocate in hospitals, and was told there would only be 100, so about 80 students would be excluded.

“It’s worrying because they will join those who will graduate next semester, so we won’t be 80 anymore but more than 180.”They asked to see the college’s principal, Vera Petrikovic, whom they accused of mismanagement due to the lack of space.

They were not willing to go to other states, they said, because they represented an extraordinary expense, and staying that way would delay their training.

No documents have been submitted

They have already opened the main access port to the Chamelpa Campus, and they will hold a meeting with the university authorities to find out the solution. If there is no solution, they will reappear, said Marily Miranda, one of the medical students.

He accused the former director of the medical school of leaving them “Drift” because she did not give them certificates, but just an empty file.

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