Kanye Garcia prepares to start her US tour الولايات


Puerto Rican singer-songwriter Kanye Garcia on Monday announced her US tour, which will take her from September 8 to October 17 to Atlanta, Orlando, Tampa, Miami, New York, Washington, DC, Dallas, Houston, Chicago and Los Angeles. Angels

Pre-sale for his concert tour will be on Thursday, July 29 and for the general public on Friday, 30.

Kanye recently performed her “Anglo-Saxon crossover” with JB Sachs with the release of “The Spanish Version” Like That, in which the story of selfless love is told, according to a statement on Monday.

The award-winning singer-songwriter is the winner of six Latin Awards throughout her career.

He released his debut album “Any Day” in 2007 and in the past 14 years he has written and performed some of the hottest Latin pop hits like “Hoy Ya Me Voy”, “Al else”, “Duele menos” and “Barra Forever”.

His fifth studio album, Soy Yo (2018), was named the 50th Best Latin Album of the Decade by Billboard, and the music video for his single “Banana Papaya” with Residente won a Latin Grammy in 2019 in the Best Music Video category.

In the same year he released his sixth album “Contra El Vento”, which was crowned with the Best Singer-Songwriter Album award at the Latin Grammy Awards.

That same year, Kanye gave a concert at El Coliseo de Puerto Rico that was taped to the HBO special.

His latest album “Mesa Para Dos” (2020) consists of 10 collaborations with artists such as Carlos Vives, Camilo, Mon Lafferte and Carlos Rivera.

With this record production, Kanye Garcia took home the Best Singer-Songwriter Album for the second year in a row at the Latin Grammy Awards.

To reinforce her commitment to the Latino community, Kanye has appeared in the latest release of Diego Torres’ song, “Color Esperanza,” which features several stars. Proceeds are transferred to the Pan American Health Organization for its efforts against the pandemic.

As a songwriter, Kanye has written songs for artists such as Jennifer Lopez, Cheyenne, and Hush Ash.

Among his other accolades, in 2017, he won the GLAAD Award in the category of Outstanding Spanish Musical Artist.

During her career, Kanye has also received recognition from ASCAP Awards, Billboard Awards, La Musa Elena Casals Award, Premios Juventud and Premios Soberano (Dominican Republic).

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