Kevin Durant leads Team USA to Tokyo (click)


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Los Angeles (AFP)

Superstar Kevin Durant tops the provisional list of 12 players from the American basketball team who will win a fourth consecutive Olympic gold at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, from which fellow Nets teammate James Harden fell at the last minute, they reported Wednesday. The local press.

NBA chief executive Jerry Colangelo told ESPN that Harden, who was knocked out in the playoffs on Saturday with the Nets against the Bucks, withdrew from the team due to hamstring problems that persisted for months.

ESPN and Athletic reported on Wednesday that the latest names to be added to the list, led by Durant, are goalkeeper Zach Lavigne (Bowls) and powerful striker Jeramy Grant (Pistons).

Three more of the 12 players still playing in the conference finals – Devin Booker of the Suns, Chris Middleton and Puppy Holidays of the Bucks – but Colangelo assured they would be able to join the group in time even if they had to play the title role. The NBA Finals.

The CEO explained that the three players committed, in the event that their teams reach the seventh match of the finals scheduled for July 22, to board a private plane to be in Tokyo to participate in the first match of the Olympic tournament on the 25th against France.

The other six players on the list are goalkeeper Damien Lillard (Blazers), goalkeeper Bradley Beal (Wizards), striker Jason Tatum (Celtics), strong forward Kevin Love (Cavaliers), Draymond Green (Warriors) and midfielder Pam Adebayo (Heat).

The team led by veteran Greg Popovich (Tottenham) will open their training ground in Las Vegas, Nevada on July 6 and will play exhibition matches against Nigeria, Australia, Argentina and Spain.

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