Kevin Ford loses his job at Burger King for the first time in 27 years and receives a surprise (not candy)

Kevin Ford loses his job at Burger King for the first time in 27 years and receives a surprise (not candy)

Kevin Ford, the man who went viral when it was reported that he received an award as a reward after 27 years of continuous work candy bagHe missed his job for the first time.

the reason? Ford traveled to New York to appear on NBC News’ Today Show. There, he said, it was the manager who gave him the bag containing Reese’s chocolates, life-savers, two pens, a Starbucks glass, and a ticket to the cinema when he turned around. 27 years working. During that time, he didn’t miss a single day.

Despite the anger the gift aroused, Ford insisted that he feels it Grateful for recognition.

But on the show they decided to give him an unexpected gift. Suddenly, Serena, Ford’s daughter who opened a GoFundMe campaign to support her father and three grandchildren, appeared. The emotional Ford said it was the first time he had seen his grandchildren in four years.

“My dad deserves the world, in my opinion,” Serena said, as Ford fought back tears. “My father gave me the world. My father made me the person I am.”

Until this Tuesday, the campaign created by Serena 233 thousand 460 dollars (Four million and 702 thousand Mexican pesos). Ford appreciated the support. “I just want to say to everyone, thank you for every penny. Even just for the thought of watching the video or for the reason to smile.”

One of the donors was actor and comedian David Spade, who introduced the campaign Five thousand dollarsmore than one donor.

The video of the gift, which Ford received at the Burger King branch of the Nevada airport, where he works, sparked such outrage that the company came out to provide an explanation.

“Mr. Ford’s bag of goodies was something we call Shout Out, and it’s appreciated and appreciated by his peers,” a spokesperson for HMSHost told TODAY in a statement. HMSHost is the food service company through which Ford Works at Burger King.

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“HMSHost is pleased that the award-winning Shout Out employee recognition program has been used to celebrate one of our veteran and dedicated colleagues, Kevin Ford, for his teamwork and great conduct. These “shouts” reflect our core values ​​and dedication to customer service and provide our employees with a way to celebrate each other every day The “Shout Out” program differs from HMSHost’s Corporate Service Anniversary Program, which celebrates the phases of an employee’s tenure.

When asked what he plans to do with the collected money, Ford told Today that he hasn’t thought about it yet, but is looking forward to paying off his debts and visiting his daughter Serena and grandchildren, two girls aged six and eight. .

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