Guillermo Laso, President of Ecuador, evades impeachment from the National Assembly

president Ecuadorconservative William LassoSaved this Tuesday from being kicked out by National Assembly (Parliament), as a request to remove him from power, was promoted by the opposition parliamentary bloc Union for Hope (United Nations), linked to former President Rafael Correa.

The initiative to remove the lasso by 12 votes failed without achieving its goal, because it required a support vote of two-thirds of the members of Parliament, equal to 92 of the 137 members of the Assembly, but the final vote result was 80 in favor, 48 against and 9 abstentions.

The petition was submitted by Unes Association member Fernando Cedeño under the cause of “serious political crisis and internal turmoil” in the context of protests against the government over the high cost of living, led by the movement of indigenous peoples and peasants, which has already left six dead, including a soldier, and about 400 wounded.

With information from EFE

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