A mother loses her two children in an abandoned trailer in Texas

A mother loses her two children in an abandoned trailer in Texas

Karen Knight It has been unbearable since she found out that her two sons, Alejandro Miguel Andino Caballero and Fernando José Redondo Caballero, are among the 53 immigrants He died in an abandoned trailer in San Antonio, Texas.

“They were excited to make the trip” to go to the US, Karen told Telemundo.

“Alejandro said he really wanted to be there because he said he was going to work there,” he said. He told her that once they arrived in the States, they would make her a small house.

But Karen told them no, they had to make a living.

“One of my sons was only three semesters away from getting a degree in marketing,” he told another outlet, HCH.

Searching for better life opportunities

He explained that the young people left Honduras On June 4th. “They had goals and dreams, and here they will not be realized,” he explained. No matter how hard they tried, “no one wanted to give them a job” in the Central American country. “They were always told they had no experience,” he continued. About Alejandro, he said in Telemundo that he is an “affectionate bear”.

The family supported them, believing that United State They can enjoy a better quality of life. But hopes were dashed when they learned that a trailer carrying immigrants had been abandoned in Texas and that most of them had deserted suffocated dead.

“All night long I was talking to the hospitals and with the various consuls to look for them.” Today it has been confirmed that the two are on the list of the deceased, as well as Alejandro’s wife, Margie Tamara Paz Gragera.

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