Kickboxing: The Spanish team lost to the United States in Nashville

Kickboxing: The Spanish team lost to the United States in Nashville

And theLast Saturday in Nashville (USA) a kickboxing match took place Spain and the United Stateswhere the good moment of the Spanish team was reviewed.

The result was Favorable to locals with a ratio of 3 to 2But the national team complained of some unfair decisions of the judges.

Five matches were played with the following results:

* Gamon Cooke vs. Gabi Fernandez 63.5 kg

The American resisted, avoiding trade-offs and Fernandez could not take many shots, finally losing on points, 1-0.

* Austin Baby vs. Borja Owen-67 kg

A fast-paced battle with good exchanges in which Owen deserved to win, but the judges gave the domestic victory by one point, 2-0.

* Jordi Requego vs. Chris Lone-75 kg

The American started to beat, but the constant blows by the Spaniard took their toll, and in the middle of the second round Rikigo tied his frightened knee to the belly and his opponent could not get up, 2-1.

* Mireia Garcia vs. Lily Hurton -52 kg

Spain dominated the match and won 2-2.

* Edward Massey vs. Manuel Pereira-75 kg

Great fight from Pereira with great action that took many hits. Massey was strong, but the victory was well deserved by the Spaniard, who lost by one point, 3-2.

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