Kunaset workers protesting in the Yucatan Peninsula


Merida: Workers Committed to Independent Syndicate of Research Workers of chairs National Council for Science and Technology (CONASET) manifested in Monument to the homeland of Paseo de MontagueOr to demand that a collective bargaining agreement be signed with better benefits for all of them.

Dissatisfied workers held up banners reading “Without science no future”, “#CienciaBajoProtesta”, “We are people who work in science” and “Rights are not privileges” and chanted “Kill, kill, kill, do not stop” About fighting, for a decent science, with a future job.”

This protest comes after Kunsett refused to sign and rejected the collective bargaining agreement proposed by the union. Federal Conciliation and Arbitration Commission to recognize their right to strike; The employees deplore that since 2014 they have not received salary increases, although this is not the point of their proposal, but the stability and certainty of the chairs, recognition of their status as essential factors and not as they are currently considered employees of the trust.

Protesters from Campeche, Yucatan and Quintana RooThat is, about 150 people from the peninsula are in this state.

The protest was also held in Jalisco, Mexico City, Chihuahua, Aguascalientes and, in the case of Veracruz, outside the Environmental Institute (Inecol) in Xalapa. In the latter, they noted that more than 600 unexplained chapters have been registered with the Conacyt Chair.

They explained that they are asked about what other professors are not required to hold their positions, such as maintaining the appointment of the National Scholars System, among others, such as becoming a contract with the receiving institution. However, there are no places available at the moment.

Protesters accused Konsett of issuing new employment guidelines aimed at bureaucratizing scientific work and seeking to force them to look for a job.

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