Scientists are working to get to Mars at a low cost


A new paradigm shift will allow us to investigate Mars with missions low cost. different teams of Scientists They believe that having creative and innovative missions is the only way to get closer to the Red Planet.

The world’s major space agencies, such as NASA, the European Space Agency, or the China Agency, plan highly detailed, complex, and high-cost missions. The main reason they do not take high risks is that they use public money and are highly controlled by state agencies. But this is about to change.

The new low-cost way to explore the universe

There is a growing number of Scientists who design new shapes and low cost To be able to explore mysteries Marsand its wonderful geographic areas.


They are already designing tasks low cost With upgraded helicopters or inexpensive landing and orbital vehicles.

Bethany Elman, a planetary scientist at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, is one of the drivers of this new model. “There are plenty of explorations you can do, like the Valles Marineris Valley System and the Martian Ice CapsElman said.

For Elman, dozens of scientists, .’s new model low cost Space exploration will open up to various actors. “Imagine half a dozen handheld scanners from Mars, run by universities across the country… This would encourage students to pursue careers in science and engineering!researcher said.

SIMPLEx One of the Low Cost Missions to Mars

An example of the new way of thinking about exploration in Mars is the program Small innovative planetary exploration missions (SIMPLEx) from NASA. It is the first program to unlock a spectrum of tasks with a balance between cost and risk.

the mission Escape accelerator, plasma and dynamics explorers (EscaPADE) is a NASA affiliate of the SIMPLEx program, which promises a very good science investment per dollar.

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To give you a comparative idea, the Shuttle Discovery mission was priced at an average of $500 million. The low cost It is the mission of SIMPLEx that ranks it as one of the best projects with a cost-benefit balance. your task to

Estimated at less than 80 million dollars.

EscaPADE aims to explore the upper atmosphere of Mars It will be necessary to start the process of new missions with objectives Scientists from bgarlic cost.

Another task for Mars Which introduces a new approach is the concept Small high impact energy landing device (SHIELD), is now under study at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Southern California.

SHIELD is basically a landing vehicle and shock absorber in one deviceSaid Louis Gersch, Principal Investigator at SHIELD.

missions low cost a

, is the next step to encourage new generations. It will allow different objects, Scientists And nations are building small satellites to explore and monitor the Red Planet.

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