She is a medical student, a kart driver, and now Miss Santana de Barneba


Stephanie Cohen, 29, was born in Sao Paulo and moved to Santana de Parnaiba in 2018. She is a medical student, but her Instagram photos got so much attention that she became a beauty queen. “I’ve never participated in a beauty pageant and I’m not lost, it was my first pageant. Instagram contacted me to participate in the municipality’s selection, and as Miss Santana de Parneba, I entered the Miss São Paulo de Las Américas competition and won the state stage,” explains Stephanie.

From now on, she will represent the state of Sao Paulo in the Miss Brazil Americas contest in Curitiba, which will take place in February. “It is a great honor to represent Santana de Parneba, the municipality that welcomed me and in which I am proud to be a resident.”

Besides Miss Life and medical student, Stephanie’s life has another passion. “I have been a kart racer for one year, and I intend to pursue a career in motorsports along with medicine.” Passion has grown stronger in recent years. My father, who passed away in 2017, was a car enthusiast. Since I was little, I have been riding motorcycles and have been on the tracks with him. With the pandemic, I felt the need to take up a hobby (since I’ve worked in health, it’s been a pretty tough year). Karting emerged as a therapy that became a passion. Motorsports is a sport that impresses me and always makes me excited and motivated. Experimental comments.

She is part of a 100% women’s team called Karteiras. “I run the tournament and am part of the Carteras Endurance (Long Races), where we take on the men’s teams. I am the only woman to compete in Kart Drivers and also participate in Amika, the traditional kart rental tournament in São Paulo.

Miss Santana de Parneba’s dream is to become a professional doctor and pilot and to always be an inspiration to women of all ages, so that we can become what we want.

But how to match the card and lose your life? For Stephanie, there are no obstacles. “The Lady appeared as an opportunity in my life that I took advantage of, because I intend to participate in joint social projects under the title of Ms. and Medicine. I have to reorganize myself to reconcile everything, but I believe that everything is possible with the organization, this is the message I want to send to Women I was a late 29-year-old and one of the few women in the world of motorsports, and I believe this is a possible first step towards success.

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