La Gornada – Two thousand and 185 prisoners can vote in the next elections: National Institute of Statistics


The National Electoral Institute advisor said that a total of two thousand 185 people under protective custody will be potential participants in the first exercise so that prison inmates can take advantage of their right to vote, in the upcoming federal elections. ), Dania Paula Raphael Cuevas.

While presenting the Observatory for Elections and Political Rights in Prisons, which is made up of various civil societies, the official explained that this number can be adjusted downward, depending on the number of prisoners who want to vote and the number of those registered in the elections. roll.

Juan José García Ochoa, Director of Monitoring Sentenced Persons to Freedom at the Decentralized Administrative Authority for Prevention and Social Adjustment, explained that the exercise will be conducted in five federal correctional centers, located in Sonora, Guanajuato, Chiapas, Morrillos and Michoacán. .

Experimenting with this process will implement a possible model for all federal prisons, in the 2024 federal election.

This practice is due to a decision issued by the Electoral Court of the Federal Judicial Authority, which in 2018 recognized the right of persons under preventive detention to exercise their vote, and ordered the National Elections Institute and other federal government bodies to carry out a trial in the 2021 elections, and to apply its results in all federal sanctions, by The year is 2024.

In this first exercise, inmates may only vote for federal candidate representatives, depending on the constituency in which they were registered before their arrest.

In this regard, Octavio Umezqua Noriega of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights said that his General Assembly had already indicated that people under protective custody have political rights, and that tools such as the Mandela Rules protect this practice as well. To vote for those deprived of their freedom.

He emphasized that this is particularly important in Mexico, where since the list of crimes worthy of informal preventive detention was expanded in 2019, the prison population has increased by 10 percent, currently 45 percent of the total. Sentenced.

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