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Governor Omar Fayyad explained to the ambassadors of Arab countries that science and technology contribute to peace.

The above, by sharing the details of the science diplomacy meeting on social media that took place during Sunday, March 21 at C5.

He expressed that despite his presence in continents with different geographical and socio-demographic conditions, the administration he heads is influenced by the same concern for the progress, development, peace and well-being of the population.

The president of the state posted on his social networks: “In my government, science, technology and innovation are catalysts for massive and important changes. In addition to being essential tools for achieving the ideal among nations, it is called scientific diplomacy.”

“In Hidalgo, our women and men are talented and hard-working. We will continue to strive to be the epicenter of historic transformation for Mexico; this should be our goal.”

He emphasized that the Hidalgo government seeks strategic cooperation for the region and the people.

Today science can unify what divides politics, just as the sesame synchrotron did in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

“A scientific diplomatic project that has been established for more than a decade in the minds of many physicists around the world, as everyone has sought to build a synchrotron.”

In this way, he wrote that Hidalgo aims to be a region where actors from all over the world meet, but through science, technology and innovation. Such as the links established with the Paul Scherrer Institute, with which it was possible to create new methods of generating vaccines.

The meeting was attended by HE Mr. Muhammad Saadat, Palestine Ambassador and Dean of the Council of Arab Ambassadors. His Excellency Sami Nimr, Ambassador of Lebanon. Abdel Fattah Labbar, Ambassador of Morocco. Muhammad Al-Tal, Ambassador of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Khaled Shamaa, Ambassador of Egypt, and Haitham Al-Maliki, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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