La Jornada: Delegated Collection: A blow to the workers

La Jornada: Delegated Collection: A blow to the workers


to the camera Representatives on Thursday approved a set of amendments to the general laws on securities operations, credit, organizations and additional credit activities, and the Financial Services User Defense Protection Act, aimed at regulating payroll appropriations with Commissioner collection. By this figure, it is certified that the employer first pays, from the employee’s salary, to the financial institutions the part of the salary credit, and the rest of the salary is deposited to the employee. Similarly, the financial companies known as Payrollto specialize in loans through payroll, to charge more interest rates to employees, by applying a factor of up to 1.2 points which will be multiplied by the total annual cost (CAT) registered with the National Commission for the Protection and Protection of Financial Services Users (Condusef).

The opinion, which was approved with 237 votes in favor of Morena and the allied parties, and 201 against some lawmakers from Morena itself, as well as from the PAN, PRI, PRD and MC, caused an uproar because of its harmful effects on workers’ rights and for their contravention of various legal provisions. According to an expert consulted by this newspaper, the reform violates the constitution, Mexico’s international treaties with the International Labor Organization (ILO), federal labor law and federal law for state workers. The last two regulations state that salary deductions may be applied only when workers have debts to the concept of expected salaries, loans granted by Fovissste, Infonavit and Fonacot, payment of alimony ordered by a judge, payments of loans from housing funds or payment of union dues, as long as the worker grants express permission.

The Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare affirmed yesterday that “the Federal Labor Law is clear: ‘Wages of workers cannot be withheld’, while Condusef stated that delegated collection is not regulated fairly and does not protect the economy from workers. For this decentralized body, this collection strategy is contrary to the principle of progress labor rights , which cannot be undone, restricted or restrictedPlus Completely limits users to change organization or credit typeEven when moving with another carrier may improve your credit conditions. For its part, the Mexican Banking Association issued a press release urging a review of the initiative in various ways, and offered dialogue with lawmakers to improve it.

When asked about it, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador was strong in stating that if these amendments are approved, he will veto them, as The salary is sacred, no one can match the salary of the worker; No bank or financial institution should do this, nor should the government accept it.

In short, it is unacceptable and unacceptable that guarantees of profit be granted to a group of entities at the expense of workers and in violation of rights enshrined in national and international laws. For this reason, it is to be hoped that the Senate, to which opinion must return, will reject and bury once and for all the amendments promoted by the Green Environmental Party of Mexico and unfortunately supported by its allies in Congress.

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