“China, Mexico and Brazil do not want to be in the situation where Uncle Sam orders them to say ‘Yes, sir’ – Lavrov

“China, Mexico and Brazil do not want to be in the situation where Uncle Sam orders them to say ‘Yes, sir’ – Lavrov

The Russian Foreign MinisterAnd the Sergey Lavrovdeclaring that there are nations that “will never accept the global village under the leadership of the American Sheriff.”

It was highlighted in an interview with RT on it China, India, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico: These countries don’t want to be in the situation where Uncle Sam tells them something and they say “Yes, sir.”

“Of course, Russia is not in the category of countries that would like this,” he added.

Lavrov said Russia remains open to cooperation with the West, but it will not take the initiative and will continue to strengthen its relations with China. “We remain open to cooperation with any country, including Western countries, although under the current conditions, when the West acts in this way (referring to sanctions against Moscow), we will not take any initiative,” the minister said at the Youth Forum. Russia’s leaders.

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Lavrov, citing the Interfax agency, added that today “many countries are beginning to be confused and think about how to slowly move away from the dollar” in international transactions, because what happened today, and tomorrow can happen to someone else, the minister said.

The Russian Foreign Minister accused Washington Assigning their ambassadors in each country to press for an end to cooperation with Russia.

“Well, when you do that kind of work in small countries, but when you take on these ultimatums and claims to China, India, Egypt, Turkey, it’s probably a loss of sense of reality on our American colleagues.”
Lavrov stressed that Russia and China will continue to strengthen cooperation between “two superpowers.”

“Under the circumstances, when the West blatantly undermines the foundations of the international system, as two superpowers, we have to think about our next steps,” he said.

“I think, of course, that the (Russian-Chinese) cooperation will take root,” he added.


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