La Jornada – The German festival will revive Brecht with artificial intelligence

La Jornada – The German festival will revive Brecht with artificial intelligence

Augsburg. The Augsburg Brecht Festival will celebrate the 125th birthday of German playwright Bertolt Brecht (1898-1956) in February. Yesterday, organizers announced that it would “resurrect” it using artificial intelligence.

In collaboration with the Augsburg State Theatre, the writer will be somehow awakened to life through Brecht machine (Brechtian machine), an artificial intelligence machine that will respond from Brecht’s point of view to current dilemmas and will write a play that will be performed at the festival.

According to meeting director Julian Warner, the festival will focus on an author’s modus operandi The Three Cent Opera s maternal courage, Among many other works.

To this end, contemporary artists who today carry out their artistic activity in a Brechtian manner will be included.

In this way they become Brecht’s people (Brecht’s people), It is also the title of the festival, which seeks to become a space in which ideas and positions are discussed.

The cultural meeting will start on Brecht’s birthday, on the 10th of February, and will continue until the 19th of the same month.

In addition, there will be performances of guest works by the Bremen Theater and the Berliner Ensemble, as well as a performance by wrestlingwhere the disputes will be disputed in the city of Augsburg in the quadrangle.

The festival will also include a music program featuring artists from Uganda, Japan, Turkey, UK, Ukraine and Germany.

The event concludes on the third anniversary of the murders in Hanau, Hesse, to commemorate the people shot dead there in 2020.

By German Tobias R. , 43, of killing nine people on racial grounds, before shooting his mother and then taking his own life.

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