La Nación / Bus Station, carrying 115,000 passengers

La Nación / Bus Station, carrying 115,000 passengers

On Saturday, December 31, the last day of 2022, more than 115,000 people left the Asuncion Bus Station (EBA) for a New Year’s Eve party outside the city. This was announced through social networks by the Metropolitan Municipality.

However, at Christmas there were around 103,000 departures to various destinations with 10 returning platforms and waiting rooms.

Since the start of EBA’s New Year’s process, which began on December 27, the largest movement of people arriving and departing has occurred between Friday 30 and Saturday 31 of the last month of the year. In this way, people have moved to different destinations both nationally and internationally to enjoy New Year’s Eve and welcome the year 2023 in the company of their loved ones.

Due to the large passenger traffic for the New Year, Asuncion Bus Station Director Sara Jimenez said that the last Friday of the year was the busiest day in the New Year’s operation, as well as the 23rd day in Christmas.

And last Saturday morning, the passenger traffic was also very crowded, as people who had not been able to travel before did so at the last minute, with the idea of ​​reaching their destination and receiving 2023 with their families.

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